Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jordache jeans

The other night Tod and I drove past a huge Goodwill store. I commented on its size, comparing it to a mall, and Tod replied:
"That's our mall. That is now our mall where we'll buy Jordache jeans and wear them until they fall apart."

Jordache? Have you heard that word in the last ten years?! Tod has a way with words, old and new.

Tod also has a way of scaring people or maybe just making them uncomfortable. At church last Sunday he told Lennon (loudly):

"Hey Lennon! Get over here before I hang you upside down and sell you to the gypsies for $.99."

We got a few looks and maybe a couple whispers. Get real; I'm sure he'd up the price if he were really serious. $.99! Can you imagine!


Jon and Ali said...

Um...Tod is probably remembering the battles mother and I used to have about wearing hand-me-down jeans.

I used to cry...No! I wont wear those to school!

And Mother would reply...But Ali....they are JORDACHE!

Some how it was hard to explain to her that Jordache, though a HOT name brand in the late 70's, early 80's, was a style that was unable to transcend itself to 1989 fashion.

Brooke said...

That's awesome! Selling to the gypsies made me laugh out loud! What a dad!!!