Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sick, lazy day

Yes, I'm still pregnant.
Yes, Lennon gets this whole couch to himself. Especially when he's sick like today. He threw up all over his crib last night...then all over our bed this morning. So he can do whatever he wants today.
Even eat chocolate chips and watch T.V. on his couch.
He can play with my phone. Maybe he'll call you.

He can wear these socks, not wear these socks...totally up to him.

Today the house became quiet so I immediately sprinted upstairs (which is quite a sight right now) and this is what I found. He's always looking at books. And vacuuming. Which is a whole other post altogether.

Finally, thanks to Grandma Carol who spent the week helping with Lennon so I could help Tod at work. He received DAILY BACK RUBS with LOTION. Lucky, lucky boy.

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