Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas on the beach

This year was different for our family...Tommy got home from his mission in Guatemala, and we decided to buy ZERO presents and instead spend the holidays on the beach. It was so nice. I didn't miss Christmas shopping ONE BIT.
Our Tommy home finally...
Tommy and me...will you please look at how LONG my hair is? Don't be jealous but maybe you can be just a little.

Kristi and Lennon at the airport. We took turns with him that day because he wanted to jump on the escalator any chance he had.

Tommy and Paul (one of our best friends)

Tommy, Mom and his friend Callie

Mom at Disneyland

We got to visit our family in Indio. Kari, Aunt Lauri and Tommy

Christmas Day lunch at the only place open in Huntington Beach. But it was goooooooood. I ordered a salad then ate everyone's fries.

Family in Indio
Siblings outside our hotel

Me, Lennon and Tod at the ocean. Me standing like I'm 13 months pregnant.

Lennon and my mom took a walk every morning and had photo shoots down by the pool.
He loved the ocean so much he sat in it. I was so worried about him being cold but Tod told me every boy needs "to get a little sand in his pants" whatever that means.
Lennon during a photo shoot by the pool

Lennon in Indio...the kids loved him and pushed him around on this for at least an hour.
Lennon and Grandpa at the hotel

Not sure but maybe my mom was explaining who these men are and that we're staying in their hotel.

Our cousin Pat, Tommy, then Grandma.

The twins and Lennon in line for Pirates of the Carribean. He loved the rides but the two hours lines were rough. After each ride he'd say, "More! More!" and we'd give him more....two hours later.

Christmas Day on Huntington Beach -- it was so stormy and windy. The ocean looked incredible.
P.S. Am I paranoid or is it normal to picture your 18 month old escaping from his stroller, running over to the edge of the pier, crawling through the bars and falling into the ocean? I had already decided I would dive in...pregnant or not. I figured I'd jump in, Tod would follow and between the two of us one could save him. Am I insane?


Karen said...

In that picture next to the portrait I was just telling Lennon that he too could be a gazillionaire if he had integrity, a strong work ethic, and left Book of Mormons where people could find them...

Sarah said...

I worry about my kids falling over edges and ledges all the time. Luckily Rob has the same fear so I feel more normal!

Alana said...

WELCOME home TOMMY!!! I can't believe he's home! Your holidays looked heavenly. There's nothing better than spending time by the ocean. Tell your family hi if they are still around!

holly said...

Love the picture of you in your red coat at the beach.
ahh... HOTTIE!!

mandy* said...

What a fun vacation! And I'm jealous of the "no presents" thing! That's awesome. My little brother gets back from his mission this month and we are all going to Disneyland in February. Great minds think alike!

diana said...

You were in Huntington Beach?! Did you know that's where I live? I live just down the street from the pier and 3 blocks in from the beach. How long were you here? Did you have a good time?

Ann Dee said...

As you know, I constantly imagine disaster. Going on a cruise with a child ruined me.

The Bell Family said...

Wish we could have seen you guys in Cali. Welcome home Tommy! Q really would have loved to see him.

Looks like we might be driving a Uhaul through the desert soon, so we'll be sure to stop by.

Wasn't Disneyland during Christmas time amazing? Our lines weren't bad at all for some reason. The longest we waited was 45 min. Xavier was in HEAVEN.

By the way, we're all still waiting for bare belly shots. C'mon...give the people what they want.

mistyp said...

Looks like you had a GREAT Christmas. Have to say we are a little jealous of your CA/Disneyland pics! ;) It was good to see you and your family today. Your little boy is sooooo cute! Email me at and I'll send you an invite to our blog. :)

Carol said...

Hey Holly ... pass this on to your mom for me.
She looked amazing in your Christmas pictures. In fact, if you hadn't identified her as "mom at Disneyland", I would have thought it was Ann Dee ... she looked so much like her. Congratulations Karen ... I think I found the lbs. you dropped and packed them back on my butt!

Grma Carol