Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A text I received yesterday:

Megan: I'm sick of your blog.

Me: I'm sick of your face.

This is why we're friends. I could send that message back, although I didn't. Listen, our computer is jacked. It's a pretty frustrating part of our lives right now. However, I do have a few pictures Amy sent me from Thanksgiving. Until then, don't you think it's crazy that it's snowing in Las Vegas? And, does anyone know anything about fixing computers?

Uncle Kevin reading to Lennon and Grant
These two showed up at the top of the stairs...holding hands. We almost died laughing.
One of the million times Lennon stole his Great Grandma's cane. The woman is in her 80s. I don't know why he wouldn't cut her a break. Notice Lennon is in his pajamas ALL DAY LONG. This is what happens when Mom is busy.

Me -- super excited the food is finally done. Carol behind me...still working. She was a busy bee that day. Like my apron? Lennon's Aunt Ali made it for me and began my obsession with aprons. Want to buy a present for me? Now I've made it easy for you.

Lennon and his mama.
My next text to Megan:
Hope you're happy. Merry Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. You entertained my day for ten minutes and I appreciate it! Cute pictures. Merry Christmas!

mandy* said...

We've been missing you!! Thanks for the pictures of Lennon in his super cool pajamas. I also enjoyed the GIANT bowl of mashed potatoes. I hope you didn't run out!

Alana said...

WOW! Super impressive spread you've got there! You look really pretty too. I can't imagine cooking a turkey feast, so I'm really impressed.

Lindsay Clegg Sundloff said...

I can't believe it has been snowing in Vegas. I think you guys have more snow then we do right now. Well, if nothing else I hope it puts you in the Christmas spirit. You have a darling little boy. Happy Holidays

diana said...

So, I've been out of the blogging world for a while so I had a lot of catching up to do today. You are so funny. I loved your 7 things. I wish you could teach me how to make my hair wavy with a flat iron! And I listen to Cher when I run too.

And at least your child is wearing pajamas. Mine runs around in her diaper all day long.

And really? Snowing in Vegas? It's been raining and super cold here in So Cal but at least there's not snow.

Jessica =)) said...

Thanks for being my blogging buddy. Kind of.
I thought about doing the tagged list, I love the not liking Twilight, part. That was funny. I said that to a "Twilight fanatic" once and I thought she was going to fall over. Pretty amusing.

I love your new long hair. It gives you a very fun, "cool mom status" look. Tired of it being short?
Looks good both ways.

Merry Christmas! =)) -Jessica