Monday, November 3, 2008

A Natural

It must be said: Our son is advanced when it comes to Halloween. Holds his own bucket, grabs candy from bowls, walks without tiring from house to house...we are so proud. He was the cutest little $6 bumblebee in town. Even in his dad's shoes (see below).

It must also be said: My hair was much bigger when the night began. I ratted it to be festive but unfortunately it dropped. Sorry to disappoint.

Lennon's girlfriend as a little Indian...unfortunately the only picture we have but she was cute.

Tod decked out the trunk this year with...wait for it...DRY ICE. It was great until some kid ran over and stuck his hand in. No one was injured but still.

Apparently our son is into older girls at church. Watch out.


Macy said...

Ours was a bucket-carrying-candy-grabber too. And we were also proud. Such a cute little bumble bee

Jessica =)) said...

Hey, thanks for the help. I wont change the whole thing from now on. Side bar is vanished forever.. oh well.

As for Lennon, I'm impressed! Nicholas wasn't pro until at least 3 years old. I also agree that he was the cutest bumble bee in town. By two he'll be singing the song... trick or treat, smell my feet,
give me something good to eat, if you don't, I don't care, you can smell.....


Tiff said...

Congrats! I am so excited for you! You will do great with two. When is the big day? Your little boy is so cute.

I would love to get in touch with Kelli. Email me her info.

Oh and thanks for always making me smile. I love hearing from you!=)

Brett and Rachael said...

He looks sooo cute! What a little trooper doing everything all by himself so Mom and Dad can eat his candy. :)

Mallory said...

that is so funny that you said you teased your hair but it fell because i first saw the pictures on megans blog and i thought to myself, hhmmmm...holly's hair looks bigger then normal.

it all makes sense now, ha ha

Lennon looks ADORABLE as a bumble bee. and i heard monet could not stop yelling for him every time she saw him, that is love!