Sunday, October 26, 2008

Spoiled Rotten

Dear Grandma Karen,

Thank you for making this cape for me. I wear it sometimes now when I'm busy around the house (sweeping, skipping, screaming). I like that I can choose whether I want to be Batman or Superman. Options have always been my thing. I think you're nice and hopefully I'll see you soon.

Love, Lennon

Dear Grandma Carol,

I opened your Halloween package yesterday. Thanks for all the snuggly toys and especially for this hooded blanket. I wore it for most of the afternoon. I think you also sent treats but it turns out my mom ate all the M&Ms before any of us could even find them. Sigh. Anyways, your package really made our day. Can't wait for Thanksgiving. I'll wear this hood for you then.

Love, Lennon

[ This is not a blogging comeback...just a thank you for Grandmas. Don't hold your breath. ]


Karen said...

Looks like I need to make him another cape: DIAPER MAN!!! He is so cute, so smart, so funny, so dear!
Love, Grandma Karen

Carol said...

I almost sent him a cape too ... a black one with an orange crescent moon. The batman/superman is better ,,, "year-round" play. Tod was superman for years!!! All my boys did that. They even had cool boots to match. I'm glad I decided on the hooded bathtowel instead. He is adorable in all his Halloween get-up! Looks like he isn't afraid of rats, mice or pumpkin bears.

Looking forward to seeing him on Thanksgiving.

Grandma Carol

Alana said...

Lennon is too cute not to be spoiled! I miss him, and you! He is such a handsome little guy & I love the capes!

sincerely margie mei said...

I am so glad you didn't make us wait any longer for more pictures of Lennon! We hope you will be posting Halloween pictures. He is getting so big! sooo cute, I can't imagine him being naughty........

Jessica =)) said...

Happy Halloween =)) ...
I've known you for 2 years now.. where did time go?