Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Last week, my mom accidentally left a knife BLADE UP in our couch (long story) and forgot about it... poor Sam plopped down later that day and it went completely into his...hip?

I say he was stabbed, Tod prefers the term "shanked." Sorry, Sam, that you got shanked in our house. Maybe we'll buy this knife holder for you this Christmas.

Pictures can be found here.


Molly said...

I must say, I'm really curious to know what the long story is.

sincerely margie mei said...

I came home from girls camp and my husband had been stabbed in the BUTT by his sister of all people. You should have heard the dramatized version I got from Mandy. It wasn't in his hip, it was his Butt. I thought it was a joke, who gets stabbed in the butt? Crazy... You will all be glad to know he is doing fine and healing just great and on an antibiotic. He was home this weekend for a little TLC and is ready to kick some door knocking bootie!!!!

Unknown said...

When I moved up here and Katie was still in Vegas she would go into the other room and call me at nights. One night as she was talking to me she sat down on the couch and onto A PENCIL pointy side up. Went through her dress and punctured her butt. Not just a small hole, a hole the size of a pencil. Gushing everywhere.
Tell Sam we feel for him and too this day she checks for pencils in couches before she sits down.

MediocreMama said...

The long story is that my mom was opening a box with a toy in it for Lennon. You know how they have those annoying ties in the back that are impossible to break? Well, she asked me to hand her a knife so she could break them. So I handed her our littlest, SHARPEST knife and she cut the ties. Lennon, in the meantime, was reaching for the knife like crazy, so she put it behind her back to keep him away and stuck it into the crack of the couch.

And then she forgot about it and went on with her day. Or maybe she has it out for Sam.

Alana said...

Ouch! That bloody knife gave me the heebs! looks painful, hope he's okay.

Berkley said...

Remind me never to come over to your house.