Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hasta la vista

Lennon and I are leaving town today. He said he needed a vacation from his problems.
One problem is that his annoying parents put objects in his wagon. He's not into that.
Another problem is that Dad doesn't give him enough protein shake. He gets a few sips and then this happens:

Lennon will return in a week. Hopefully feeling refreshed and ready to face life again.


Jessica =)) said...

I feel ya, lennon.. I feel ya

Unknown said...

Yeah I've had to lay off the juice buddy, we all go through it.
And Holly, have you seen the new NKOTB video... yeah, I've lost the respect for donny walberg that was built up after Band of Brothers.

D and C said...

HE IS SO FREAKING CUTE!!! He just keeps getting cuter!

holly said...

I love your posts! You always make me laugh!
I hope you have fun where ever you are going!

Macy said...

It was so great to see you guys. I hope you had a nice trip.

Krista and Eric said...

Holly it was so good to see you this last week! Lennon is a stud! come check out my blog sometime!

Carol said...

Have a great vacation Lennon ... you'll need to be rested before your big Birthday Bash coming up.
Grandpa and I can hardly wait to see you next week and drive you crazy with all our hugs & kisses!!

Grandma Carol

Brett and Rachael said...

We were sad we didn't really see much of you AT ALL while you were here :( Let us know when you're here again, and we may be down there, well at Brianhead in the next couple weeks sometime so maybe we could meet up in St. George one night or something. Lennon is such a cute little stud!