Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bag Tagged

I'm not sure how I feel about being Bag Tagged. I kept wondering (as I took these pictures), How will I explain this to Tod? I could imagine the conversation:

Tod: Why are you taking pictures of your purse?
Me: I've been Bag Tagged.
Tod: What the hell is Bag Tagged?
Me: ----

But Megan, I love you, and I want to share the contents of my bag(s) now. Enjoy.

Sometimes I use this purse (above) when I'm NOT with Lennon. I bought it probably three years ago and still love it.
And other times I use this beauty when I am with Lennon ($9 at Target, thank you very much).
Inside my bags you will find at LEAST four or five lip glosses (it's a weird problem I have), my little snap/clutch wallet (Megan, what is that called?), I almost always have water with me because I'm constantly feeling dehydrated, then a little diaper/wipes holder for Lennon. And sunglasses. And then you caught me....(see below)....
As I emptied the contents of my bag, this was in it. Only because I just bought it yesterday. And I only bought it yesterday because Jen was on the cover. Plus, was she really stood up by Angelina?!!! This is a little skeleton in my closet; I am a smart, capable individual but I have this weird urge to keep up with celebrity gossip. People come to ME to confirm rumors.

Last month sometime my phone rang. It was Megan:

Megan: Is Britney really marrying Adnan?
Me: What? Where are you getting this information?
Megan: Star magazine...I'm at the store right now.
Me: Is it on the cover of PEOPLE?
Megan: No.
Me: Then it's not true. Ignore it and move on. If STAR says something, it's usually not true. If Us Weekly says something, it's probably true, and if PEOPLE says it, it's true.
Megan: Ohhhhh...okay thanks.
Me: No problem.

I Bag Tag.......................ALANA! I want to see what cute purse you're wearing and what's inside. The end.


j janell cf said...

this is so hilarious to me because, before the days of sitting in the p&a office, i never knew anything about any celebrities. and i used to think it was funny how you and laisa knew everything. and ever since then, i too HAVE to know. i don't actually buy the magazines...but you can bet i don't mind a good long grocery line so i can get my celeb gossip fix

Tolly & Lennon said...

LOL I always look for the long lines! Saves me three bucks!

Anonymous said...

I must say, I don't think I have ever met anyone who is so similar to me. It is so weird, I'm actually kind of scared.. I read your blog once and while and each time I think, "Can this be possible?" We are so alike, it's kind of strange. Except for two MAJOR facts: 1. Your an adult; I'm a teenager. 2. You are married with a child; I am simply, a
So anyways, people always say that there is always someone else's twin out there, and although, the circumstances are a little weird in this situation, (Like the fact that you used to be my teacher), LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I think we are a

Well, I love the blue purse! Hope everything is going GREAT! =), Jessica

P.S. I need to get a blog... It seems like lots of fun!

Tolly & Lennon said...

Jessica, I'm flattered. Of all my students, I'm glad to be like you!

Macy said...

I also consider myself a smart, capable individual with a similar urge to keep up with celebrity gossip. My mom had a subscription to People. Though I can't bring myself to subscribe, I check the website regularly.

mandy* said...

I am a firm believer in the honesty of People magazine. Everything else is crap. (Don't tell anyone, but I am guilty of having a current US Weekly subscription.)

Molly said...

I am glad to hear someone else knows that PEOPLE is the only magazine that always reports to truth. I am curious to see if Ashton Kutcher's new show on E! tricked them...hopefully not, so the truth theory stays intact. I also have a confession to make: My name is Molly, and I am proud to have a subscription to PEOPLE Magazine. I get upset if the mailman doesn't bring in on Saturday when he's supposed to. I guess that's 2 confessions, oh well!

Anonymous said...

To my children's chagrin, I've been a subscriber to People magazine for years. Always known they tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
I remember being embarrassed tho when Elder Jim Young (Steve's lil' bro)was here for dinner once and he saw my People magazine laying out. Embarrassed, I quickly started to make up some flimsy excuse, when he told me HIS mother had a subscription too! Somehow I suddenly felt validated ... don't ask me why. Just when I got my strength up to not renew this year ... lo and behold ... another magazine showed up. My HUSBAND renewed my subscription!! (for me of course)

Love the pic of Lennon and his girlfriend in the swings!

Grandma Carol

D and C said...

I just want you to know that you are hilarious and I want you to move to Cali...RIGHT NOW. Start packing. I want to be able to hang out with you and copy the funny things you say! LOL!