Saturday, February 9, 2008

Monet Ann Wever

This is not her name. Yet.
Monet turned one yesterday. Rumors have been floating around about her and Lennon possibly dating. His and her reps have both confirmed this is true.
For the past seven months, the pair have been on-again, off-again. Today's birthday party really challenged their commitment to each other...
Another girl entered the picture -- Monet's cousin, Ava. While Lennon tried to play it cool by rolling around and "not caring" either way, both girls fought for his attention.
By the end of Monet's party, I could tell that Lennon wanted an out. We blamed a dirty diaper but truth be told; he can't handle two ladies at once. He loves Monet's class and spice while Ava has sort of a quiet strength about her.

Happy Birthday, Monet Wever!


Unknown said...

While I do find your need to match-make Lennon at such a young age really disturbing, I just want you to know that Katie's niece Emily needs to be added to the picture. While she is moody and sometimes a little bitchy, we think that she'll grow out of it before she turns two. Just a thought.
And knock it off with the cute pictures, you're making Katie look at the "baby supplies" on craiglist. And thats no good.

Brooke said...

What a little stud! Love the big blue eyes!

Alana said...

Lennon...a ladies man already. Not a bit suprised! Cute as ever!