Monday, October 1, 2007

Fun weekend

Lennon was blessed this weekend. We were lucky that so many friends and family members came to support him! It was so fun to have company! We were so sad Grandma Carol couldn't make it -- we missed you very much! We hope you're hanging in there. Here are some highlights:
Loving his sweater vest
Doing his workouts with Dad
Kevin and Amy Chambers (Lennon's aunt and uncle newlyweds)
Tod with Lennon trying on his new shades
Lennon's Great Grandparents Larry and Jewel Knight
The night before, getting all cleaned up for his big day.
Our good friends Megan&Monet, Amber&Cru
My sisters and me
Tod's dad Rick and his younger brother Tyler

Lennon and his mom PLUS his cool new Halloween onesie. Thanks, Mr. Baby.
Cousin Grant, Aunt Amy, Aunt Emily and Lenny
Lennon and his Grandpa Ron


Camp Directors said...

whoaaaa... i made it on the blog. sweet! - amber

Lindsey said...

Lennon looked SO cute on his big day!!

Macy said...

Mr. Baby has excellent taste. G-Man also has that fantastic Halloween onesie.

Looks like a great day!