Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ladies Man

At the tender age of almost-six-weeks-old, Lennon has quite a few female admirers already:

This is his Aunt Alana. She let us visit her BEAUTIFUL home in Layton and he immediately asked if he could stay the night. See picture below of her lovely house...
This is his good friend Jodi. She runs marathons among other things and whispered a few secrets in his ear before she left.
Here's the house I mentioned earlier; it is extremely beautiful inside and out.

And this is Lennon with Aunt Kristi at his first book signing. He LOVES hanging with her in the mornings while his mom gets some sleep.


Anonymous said...

My mom and I had so much fun with you guys! Thanks for making the Trek to Layton! Lennon is a treat!

Katy said...

Um ... what about Lennon and his great aunt Katy?

Lindsey said...

Lennon is so cute especially in his little tux!! The music on the blog is super easy just go to my blog page and under my music is a tab that says create playlist!! We should get a few girls together and go to lunch. Let me know :)