Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pregnancy is a funny thing...some days I don't want to move, other days I can't stop moving. This week one of my projects to keep my mind occupied was to plant flowers. I've never done this before. I didn't even know flowers could survive in Las Vegas. However, I did my research, used a drill (this amused Tod) to create drainage holes in my pots and then planted them this afternoon.

People I'd like to thank:

1. Ann Dee for first inspiring the idea back in March

2. Amber and Wyatt for the drill

3. Jeff and Pam from Star Nursery

4. Jordan and Tod for carrying the potting soil from the car to the yard

5. Grandma Jewel - I thought of her and remembered to buy gloves

This is a huge accomplishment for me. Cross your fingers that they survive the summer.


millie said...

Beautiful. Your flowers are lovely. I am very proud. Thank you for reminding me how it felt those last weeks of pregnancy. Yesterday, I layed on my stomach to read. It took a few minutes for me to remember when I couldn't do that. I'm telling you this to give you hope, not rub anything in, and especially not rub your belly...unless you don't mind. I too envied running woman. Even though as a practice I only go for a run if ann dee talks me into it. And that was years ago. I am very excited for you. Please feel free to call me whenever you need a good ear.

Shelly Bean said...

i am so excited for you to have your baby... is it here yet????
you did so good (p.s.) on the flowers
i never drill the holes.
i am lazy.
can't wait to see pictures of the baby when "it" comes... also it find out...boy girl boy girl